If modern office design has taught us anything, it’s that even the most corporate of all business setups doesn’t need to forfeit a bit of flair and pizzazz. That’s not to say you have to go out and buy a series of art pieces all at once, which is likely to  slash the yearly budget in half during the process. Corporate art rentals are a great midway to consider instead. These allow the benefit of having rotating art in a space for a fraction of the price, for a specific period of time. There are specific circumstances that can benefit from doing so too, each of which will be covered here today. 

What is a Corporate Art Rental?

A corporate art rental refers to the process of hiring art for your workplace on an ongoing basis, without having to purchase these outright. This is an attractive prospect for large spaces in particular, where it might not be financially viable to buy a series of pieces all at once. Going this route is not only useful in terms of the office space as a whole. It also comes in handy for corporate events, product or service launches, investor meetings, or just sprucing up/adding character into what might have started to feel like a bit of a dreary meeting space. 

Art in the Workplace

Over and above these practical benefits, introducing more art into the workplace is a great way to start conversations between team members, across departments or even just between department heads and their teams. Corporate art rentals allow you the opportunity to get some feedback from the team about which types of pieces will suit the space best. This creates a bonding experience whenever there is a rotation of pieces. Access to art also stimulates creativity – something that is essential within teams working on strategy or marketing campaigns. Art sets the mood and tone in the room, and can even boost job performance, company culture and employee wellbeing in the long run. 

Art Rentals 3

An Opportunity for Collaboration

Deciding to rent art for your next event or launch also leaves room to collaborate with other businesses and bring new ideas to the table to round off the function in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This creates a bonding experience that may well turn into further collaborations down the line. By exploring different types of art across different settings, you’ll soon know which pieces work best in which settings. From there, along with smart financial planning, you may well end up buying pieces that will stay in the office forever. 

A Full-Service Offering

At ExecuFlora, we’re proud to offer a full-service corporate art rental offering across multiple formats. From canvas to perspex, photographic prints to di-bond aluminium pieces, the opportunities to introduce whatever your heart desires into the office are endless. With five different sizes to choose from, we give you free reign to find what you’re looking for. We also provide art consulting services, spanning from strategy and planning right through to procurement and installation. Reach out to us if you’d like to get in on the action in the near future.