Living Pictures

Our wall module C is a living picture using plants, which give your living, and working environment a green and beautiful atmosphere. This unique, sustainable, planted system is not only good for the interior climate but also ensures a calming effect.

No power is needed with the internal irrigation system containing sufficient water for approx. 6 weeks depending on pruning, temperature and types of plant. The irrigation system has an audible water level indicator indicating when it is full or requires re filling.


Single Unit Dimensions:

Double Unit Dimensions:

Triple Unit Dimensions:
Number of Plants:

Quadruple Unit Dimensions:
Number of Plants:

XL Unit Dimensions:

725mm length x 725mm height x 145mm depth
30kg planted

1125mm length x 725mm height x 145mm depth
40kg planted

725mm height x 1520mm length x 105mm depth
21.7kg planted

725mm height x 1920mm length x 105mm depth
26.3kg planted

1120mm width x 1700mm length x 105mm depth
36.2kg planted


  • Do not require waterproofing of back wall
  • Integrated irrigation system allowing for extended watering intervals
  • Easy plant replacements
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be attached to both solid & dry walls

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