Kreep Planter

The Kreep planter can easily be assembled by two people, in less than 15 minutes (excluding potting your plants). All you need for installation is a drill, a hammer, an available power source and a ladder, if you intend installing it above arm’s reach.

Kreep has been designed with repositionable arms, allowing you to easily alter their position. To do so, loosen and remove the screws, reposition the arms, drill new holes, refit bolts or Fischer fittings, and screw the arms into the wall, in their new configuration.

Kreep has been designed to work equally well in an open-air balcony as in an office interior. The ceramic pots are available with or without drainage holes, depending on whether you prefer to water your plants naturally, or use time-release gel packs.



The standard configuration measures approximately 1200 x 600 mm, but can be configured and expanded to custom-fit any individual wall. The ceramic pots are cast to fit a standard 15 cm grow pot.

Colours and materials

Gloss White ceramic pots, Gloss White mild steel frame.


Clean using a non-abrasive detergent. Do not clean with thinners or solvents. Make sure plants are correctly watered and receive the right amount of sunlight according to their specific needs. For commercial office interior use, we recommend weekly watering.

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