Green walls are a great way to introduce an air of professionalism into the office. Whether you opt for a living or artificial green wall, there are a multitude of benefits that will change the tone of your office almost instantly when you first introduce it to the space. We love the former in particular, thanks to its health benefits and ability to increase the value of the property. There are a couple of other benefits to consider, two of which help to keep the office quieter and cooler. If you’re looking to improve the general atmosphere in the space, a green wall is the way to go. 


Common Benefits of Living Green Walls

Living green walls are great for creating a sense of community, with the team needing to work together to keep it going and well looked after. These walls are great for improving the quality of the air (acting as a purifier). They also help to make the space feel more cozy, which will lead to a more comfortable and productive workforce in the long run. From a structural standpoint, living green walls may even extend the life of the wall, and make the building more fire resistant too. Two of the benefits we want to delve into a bit deeper today are the fact that they can keep the office quieter, and serve as a way to cool it down during hot summer days. 


Decreasing Noise in the Office

Whether inside or outside, a green wall built in the space will help to decrease the noise in the office. They act as an insulator against vibrations and noise, effectively reducing sound penetration thanks to their structural design. They also help by absorbing the echo that bounces off buildings, typically from an adjacent road or traffic during specific periods during the day. We might even go as far as to say that they reduce the overall noise pollution in the city, which can help with reaching long-term sustainability goals of the business, as well as those of the local government too. 



Changing the Temperature

We’ve all experienced a hot summer day in South Africa, especially as the end of the year creeps closer and the final push towards the Festive Season begins. Strategic placement of living green walls can serve to break vertical airflow, slowing down and effectively cooling the air before it reaches the other side. Green walls will help to lower the temperature, leading to air conditioning units using less energy to keep the space cool during peak times in the day. This is another way to add to the green rating of the business, which you could even market to your customers as a way to earn an extra notch in your belt. 


Installing a Living Green Wall at the Office

Although maintaining a living green wall takes a bit of work, installing one correctly can mean the difference between one that survives the test of time, versus one that can’t. Trust the Bidvest ExecuFlora team to help you create the perfect green wall for your space, in order to keep it quieter and cooler for the team. You can even just opt for some inspiration from us, thanks to the wide range of options of (living and artificial) walls to have a look at in our catalogue. Talk to us directly if you need some advice on which plants should go where, and we can also help with sourcing the best options in as little time as possible. Your exciting green wall experience is right around the corner.