Indoor plant trends for 2024, getting ahead of the game.  Right now is as good a time as ever to make sure your office is equipped with the best selection of indoor plants.  This helps with boosting morale, cleaning the surrounding air and can spruce up even the most dreary working environments.  A new year means brand new trends to consider, which will hopefully pave the way towards getting the most out of the greenery in your workspaces. So what are the latest office plant trends?  Our list covers everything you need to know, while also pointing you to the right direction for how to go about getting your hands on new plants in the coming weeks. 

More is More: Office Plants as Pandemic Mood Boosters

The first trend that many offices around the world are ascribing to is to introduce more office plants into their spaces than they had previously. While minimalism had its place before the pandemic, workers are able to connect better with the office space when it has more of a homely feel. This is especially important for those workers that are no longer working from home and are adjusting to being back in physical office space with the team. Introducing more plants into a space and helping the team decide how to go about it will provide an instant mood boost, even on Mondays. 

Designing for Open Plan Layouts

Another trend to factor in this year is to start designing for open plan layouts alongside closed office layouts. These are becoming all the more common, especially as they encourage ongoing collaboration between members of the same team, and across departments that might be in the same space. Adding plants into an open plan space means being able to drown out some of the background noise of chattering team members. Indoor plants absorb sound, are great for sectioning off spaces in spite of the open plan layout, and can encourage productive creative thinking among members of the team. 

Curated Planting to Elevate Office Spaces

Curated or mixed planting is one of the most common requests from corporate clients in 2022. Rather than opting for uniformity, which has been the norm for many years, larger companies are expecting a mixed range of plants that create a stunning display, rather than just filling a space in a more practical sense. Personal touches matter more than ever now, and by introducing specifically curated plants based on office needs, a visually appealing display is created alongside an overall contemporary aesthetic matching the times we live in. 

Living and Artificial Green Walls

Green walls have been popular for some time now, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2022. Both living and artificial options are popular in startups, SMEs and large corporations. These walls not only help to improve the eco-friendly rating of businesses, but they also act as statement pieces for staff functions and public events. These walls allow companies to play with a variety of different colours, creating patterns and shapes that can be customised every other month. Budget friendly and easy to install, we expect that green walls will be popular well into the rest of the decade and beyond. 

Pair Up Plants with Statement Pieces

One of the lesser known trends that not many companies have picked up on yet is paring plants up with other statement pieces in the office space. Rather than designing in a way that only factors in the best location for the plants, the idea is to pair them up with any sculptures, fountains, book displays, paintings or other art that is showcased in the office. The idea is to go big and bold and to amplify the statement pieces beyond what they are in their original form. Let your imagination run wild, encourage the team to get involved, and before you know it, the space will feel more refined than ever before. 

Backdrop Plants for Promotional Purposes

Although green walls are great for this too, sometimes all you need is a simple backdrop that is perfect for taking pictures with clients, or for showcasing during public events. These should be creatively designed and curated in a way that makes people gasp when they first enter a room. The idea is to drive brand awareness and increase the likelihood of social shares, in a bid to create additional organic marketing for the team. Aside from the obvious promotional opportunity, backdrop plans should always evoke a feeling of nature being brought indoors, creating a fresh, clean atmosphere that oozes professionalism and attention to detail. 

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants made our office plant trends list back in 2021, and it is also making giant gains heading deeper into 2022. These have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years, possibly because of the fact that they are being used in promotional materials all over the world, and have also been photographed for some of the most reputable design publications too. Hanging plants are ideal for saving surface space and for getting the most out of a single room. Open plan offices can benefit a lot from this type of design, which is meant to create a stunning visual while being practical enough to look after too. The only other thing you’ll have to figure out is what to do with all of the leftover floor space after installation. 

Old Favourites: Floor and Desk Plants

Good old fashioned floor and desk plants won’t be going away anytime soon. Succulents in particular have drawn a lot of interest already for their low-maintenance nature, as well as the fact that they are easy to move from one space to the next. The right office plant supplier can make sure that you only get your hands on the best of the best on the market. The Bidvest ExecuFlora team is committed to doing so, while always keeping an eye on trends in the industry too. We’ll be able to help with any of the ones mentioned on the list today, as well as offering advice to help you get the most out of your office space no matter what your budget is, or how much space you’re working with.