A beautiful office plant can spark joy and be a morale booster during those tougher-than-usual days at work. Better still, those that flower year-round can offer both no matter what month or season we’re in. Choosing the right plants for your workstation means considering this, while also brushing up your knowledge about the types of plants that are best for producing flowers no matter the conditions. Verbena’s, for instance, blossom in exceptional shades of purple, lavender, pink, white and blue. But which others should be on your list to try this year? 



Begonia plants are great because they’re able to grow just about anywhere. They don’t have to be maintained as much either, making them perfect for an office setting. One part of a genus containing more than 2000 different plant species, these plants are native to subtropical climates. Great as indoor plants and often used as ornamental “decorations”, these are ideal for if you’re looking for something that will look good but won’t take up too much time to tend to. In some instances they bloom for up to six months, in other environments they can do so for a full year, which is why we couldn’t leave them out of the list. 



Chrysanthemums are great because they can literally be grown from seeds when spring comes around. They tend to bloom from summer and with the right care can be a prominent feature of your office desk. Native to East Asia and Europe, they come in countless varieties, meaning you won’t have the same experience with one as the other. Experiment between the different types to see which are best for your setting. Although some countries consider them “the flower of death”, they are sure to bring life to your office space no matter where they are placed. 



African Daisies

If you’re after a plant that can flower for a very long time, African Daisies are the way to go. They add a great pop of colour to any office workspace and because they are native to South Africa, they like the year-round conditions very much. These plants symbolise simplicity and genuine beauty, often being associated with purity and innocence. With a variety of spirit-lifting colours, they offer a real mood boost on longer work days, especially during the colder months of the year. 



Petunias are about as fuss-free as they come, originating in South America in a climate not dissimilar to South Africa’s. Although often grown in hanging baskets, they can be grown in a variety of different ways too. These tender plants come in many hybrid forms too, which are also worth exploring when you want to add some life to your office space. At ExecuFlora, you can get your hands on the best plants for your office desk as soon as you’re ready. Chat to us and we’ll point you in the right direction for the options that will flourish in your specific space.