When you’re changing the layout of the office — whether for a spring clean or a larger refurbishment project — it helps to know more about the best ways to display your office plants. This will not only maximise the benefits you get out of the plants, but will also ensure a professional polish to the space that will tell prospective clients that you mean business. Though there are many ways to display office plants, and the best fit might depend on the layout of the space, the ways mentioned here are bankable for their “tried and tested” nature, having been used in office spaces around the country for decades. 

Grouping Plants Into The Corner

An easy solution when you’re not sure where to begin displaying your office plants is to group them together in specific corners in the room. Try matching a couple of taller plants with a few smaller ones, and let your creative juices flow. It’s hard to go wrong with this approach, which is often considered to be the best way to display plants purely because you can change it up quickly and without much fuss if you receive any negative feedback. Grouping plants into corners that could use a bit of sprucing up is a great way to boost morale, and can even become a fun team building activity if you change the layout from time to time. 

Wooden Shelves For The Win

Wooden shelves are easy to construct and to add into key areas in the office space without having to call a handyman out for the job. They can also be practical and mobile as part of a bookshelf, which gives you more flexibility to change up the display and to give the office a fresh feel when things start to get a bit repetitive. Wooden shelves are sturdy, meaning they will be able to hold up plants of all sizes. This gives you freedom to explore the best possible combinations, gives the team something beautiful to look at if placed in the right location, and can really take your office plant display to an entirely new level. 

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Centerpieces With Ferns

A more unconventional way to display your office plants that will still grab the attention of anybody in the room is to create a centerpiece or two with a variety of ferns. A potted fern makes for a striking focal point in any space, and surrounded by a few smaller plants it may even end up looking like a centerpiece not dissimilar to those you may see at formal functions. Centerpieces are uncomplicated to maintain as everything is in a single location, so you won’t be running around trying to water the plants every other day when you go this route. 

Hanging Up High

Last but not least, you should consider hanging the plants from the ceiling. This creates a professional, elegant effect that will be a topic of conversation whenever a guest visits the office. Hanging plants from the ceiling requires a bit of due diligence in terms of the location (avoid having it too close to where it may fall and potentially injure someone) and the overall weight of the plant. Do some research about the type of string or pulley to use to get the desired effect in a safe manner, and from there it’s possible to let your imagination run wild as you create the perfect space for you and the rest of the team.

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