Nothing says “we’re professional” like a collection of beautiful, tall office plants to welcome guests, investors and board members to the office space. Finding the right types of plants in terms of aesthetic appeal and maintenance can be a challenge, especially as there are so many different options to choose from. If you’re looking to create a more polished work environment, these tall plant options are bankable options to start with, each of which will transform the office space as soon as they are delivered to the reception area. 


The Many Purposes of Tall Plants

Tall indoor plants do more than just create an attractive office space. They are great for drawing attention to a focal point in a room, can add a pop of colour in an otherwise drab looking space, as well as creating a specific atmosphere in the office based on a larger design theme across all the rooms. A touch of dramatic height in a smaller space can also change the tone of the room, especially if the office has a slightly clinical feel to begin with. At the end of the day, tall plants are multifaceted, easy to maintain and visually striking no matter which type you end up going with.


Dragon Tree (Dracaena Alchemy)

For a sturdy, fast growing plant that will be a talking point in the office, try the Dragon Tree. Dracaena are known for being good office plants, largely thanks to recent studies suggesting that they are excellent at removing volatile organic compounds from the air. This means that on top of being strikingly beautiful, they serve a practical purpose too. Native to South Africa, you won’t struggle to get your hands on one or more of these. Its glossy, lush-green leaves are something to behold no matter how many beautiful plants you introduce into the office. 


Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata)

For something a little more rustic looking, but equally striking, the Ponytail Palm (or Beaucarnea Recurvata) is a great way to go when you’re looking for the best tall plants. This mysterious tree masquerades as a palm thanks to its name, albeit not having any relation to actual palms. Offices with medium to bright light can expect great success with this plant, which may look a little rough around the edges at first, but is a charming addition to an office space that doesn’t take itself all too seriously. 


Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

The Areca Palm brings a tropical feel to any office space, adding a touch of elegance to a room especially when it is displayed in pairs. Native to Madagascar, this flowering plant generally requires a fair bit of water, albeit not during the colder winter months. Used to humid conditions, Areca Palms thrive in these types of environments, making them a popular choice in offices across Durban in particular. Slender and with attractive yellow stems, it’s possible to elevate any boardroom by adding a pair of these into the mix. Chat to the ExecuFlora team if you need any help with the process.