Indoor plants are not only great for adding colour and vitality to your office space. They can also be a great fragrance source, igniting the senses of anybody entering the space. There are so many different plants to explore, leaving much room for creative exploration with finding the best fit for you and the team. But which are the best smelling fragrant plants to consider? This guide will uncover some of the most popular options, in order to make it as easy as possible to decide on which to go with the next time you’re looking for new plants for your office. 


The Benefits of Fragrant Plants

A lot of research has been done over the years to uncover the benefits of having plants in and around the home and office space. Scented plants have been linked to possibly reducing stress, inducing relaxations and even fighting inflammation. Although you don’t want to make employees lethargic in the office, a fresh smell will serve as motivation for them to be in the space to begin with, leading to greater productivity levels and ultimately a more efficient team as a whole. As long as nobody in the team suffers from allergies, you’re good to go with choosing one of the options listed below. 



Orchids are tender, sensitive plants that require specific conditions to flourish. When they do, the result is nothing short of majestic. Coming in different colours and a variety of blooms, many different types have their own unique scent. If you’re hoping to introduce it into your office space, check that the conditions are correct for doing so. Also speak to an expert about the different types and their related scents. Some offer a lemony scent, others a smell that mimics other plants. With so much freedom of choice, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for without having to look very far at all. 


Artificial Flowers



A plumeria is a tropical plant that has one of the best scents you can find for the office settings. Used in the making of Hawaiian leis, these come in orange, pink, yellow, white and even red, offering a pop of colour across what might otherwise be a dull and dreary office space. With the right care, these plants will keep blooming from one year to the next. Thriving in temperatures of around 23 degrees celsius, the South African climate is ideal for maintaining these. 



At ExecuFlora, we love eucalyptus plants for their ability to spawn fragrant leaves of different colours without any flashy flowers to boot. The result is a unique plant that ensnares the nostrils in a surprising manner considering the way it looks aesthetically. Easy to grow indoors, you only have to worry about keeping them pruned and cut back in order to get the most out of them. You’ll be enjoying a wonderful scented space in absolutely no time at all. Talk to our team if you need any additional advice for fragrant plants to add into your office space.