Furnishing the office involves tackling all corners available. This means looking beyond reception and the boardroom when it comes to livening up the place with some greenery. The bathroom is often last on the list of considerations, but because your staff and guests will visit it a couple of times a day during work, it’s worth spending some time making it a space that is enjoyable to be in. Not all plants can survive in the bathroom, so making sure that you’ve got your eye on the right ones will make all the difference. Today, we’ll touch on what you should be looking out for, while also giving you some ideas for specific plants that are easy to find in South Africa. 


The Right Plants Based On Your Conditions

Bathrooms are usually dark and with high humidity. This can vary of course, and depending on the layout of the office building. Unless there is a shower, in the bathroom for employees to use, you can typically get away with choosing any plant that thrives in mild humidity. Most succulents and cacti are unable to survive in any bathroom type for very long, because they need a lot of sunlight and dry conditions to be able to thrive. A few common bathroom plant types to explore include Aloe Vera, Staghorn Fern, Gardenias and Aglaonemas. Chinese Evergreens are commonly found in corporate bathrooms across the country, which is why we have three options for you to choose from below. 


Silver Queen

The Silver Queen is a popular plant in the Aglaonema genus. It is sometimes affectionately called “painted drop tongue”, and survives well in low light conditions. Typically, it is grown for its variegated foliage rather than it’s flowers, which leaves a lasting impression no matter where in the bathroom you might place it. Its silvery-green leaves are a major talking point for enthusiasts, adding a touch of class to the environment it finds itself in. 



BJ Freeman

Another plant that is part of the Aglaonema family to consider for your office bathroom is the BJ Freeman. It is considered to be one of the “grandparents” of indoor plants, with its robust green leaves and their beautiful markings. Ideal for low light conditions, the BJ Freeman can even survive in fluorescent lighting. This versatile plant can grow to quite extensive heights, and will require a little bit of maintenance from time to time. 


Pattaya Beauty

Last but not least, the Pattaya Beauty is typically found all over the office. While you might be tempted to leave it in reception because of its gorgeous leaves, it can survive just as well in a lower light environment in the bathroom. Also part of a series of older, more well known Aglaonema plants, the Pattay Beauty may have origins in Malaysia, but it will grow just as nicely inside South African offices of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be buying more than one of these once you realise how much joy it brings to your office space.