Who says you can only put plants on the floor, an open surface or a bookshelf? With a hanging basket, you and your partner can bring your living space to life, turning into a home with somewhat minimal effort. Indoor hanging baskets, planters and bowls are popular accessories for anybody with a green thumb, but buying one will require you to have a think about the plants you want to put in them to begin with. Today, we’ll discuss the different options for suspending your plants in the air, as well as touching on the best plants for these, based on the way they look and grow. 


Getting The Right Hanging Basket, Planter or Bowl

The type of hanging planter, basket or sandy bowl you choose can make a world of difference to getting maximum enjoyment out of your indoor gardening efforts. Typically made out of plastic (although there are biodegradable ones on the market too), these should be sturdy enough to carry a variety of different plant types, while being lightweight themselves in order to not put too much strain on the hooks from the ceiling. The good news is that you usually have a wide selection of colours to choose from, so you and your loved ones can go wild when it comes to creative input and how to get the most out of the space you have to work with. 


Trichilia Dregeana

One of the first plants you should consider for your indoor hanging basket is the Trichilia Dregeana, one of the few indigenous plants that really thrives in an indoor setting. These plants survive well in all types of light conditions, and their dark green leaves provide a striking contrast to the often lighter colours of the nearby walls. By bringing them into your home space, you’re essentially bringing a bit of the Eastern Cape forest into your life, providing a serenity to any room in spite of the building being in one of the biggest cities in South Africa. 




Chinese Evergreen

The Aglaonema ‘Pattaya Beauty’ (or Chinese Evergreen) is one of those plants that doesn’t need a lot of water to survive, which makes it the perfect option for one that will be suspended high up in the air. As it is a low growing plant, you also won’t have to worry about it hitting the ceiling after a couple of months of care. It’s attractive leaf markings and general awe inspiring nature make it the perfect choice of indoor plant, and especially if you’re using a hanging basket for the first time. 


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Last but not least we should mention a plant that is the only one in its genus: the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a somewhat rare, breathtaking plant that has origins in South Africa. Affectionately dubbed the “Zanzibar gem”, it has some of the most radiating shiny leaves you will see on an indoor plant. It will not only be easy to manage, but also be one of the first plants that catches the eyes of any visitors to your home space. Expect lots of great chats about this beautiful plant, which will look great right next to any of the other plants mentioned on the list today.