Summer is here! It’s the perfect time to incorporate some outdoor hanging plants at the office, or at home. If you’re itching to spruce up either or both of these spaces, we’ve got you covered in terms of some of the best options on the market right here. Before we get there, we should take a look at why outdoor hanging plants are so popular, which has a lot to do with the added value they offer to any space. There are many different options to choose from, but the three we’ll be discussing today are tried, tested and trusted for a reason. 

Why People Love Outdoor Hanging Plants For The Office 

Hanging plants are beloved for many reasons, including the fact that they are space-efficient alongside great potential for striking visual appeal. In an outdoor context specifically, they double as a low maintenance “air garden” of sorts, with a high level of versatility in terms of the combinations that can be explored. Some may even go as far as saying they help with increasing the value of the house. In the entrance foyer, for example, they present a welcoming atmosphere to the space, making it feel less like a house, and more like a home. 

Bushy Ferns For The Office 

The epitome of elegance, large bushy ferns are the way to go to make a striking impression at home or the office. Often combined with hanging baskets, they are known for the way they cascade over the edges to create a somewhat dramatic overall effect. With these, volume is everything. The bigger you can go, the better. You may need to water them quite often to get there, but it will be worth the weight. We also love their versatility – there are many different types to explore within the range of ferns on the market. Depending on some of the other plants in the outdoor area, some may look better than others when paired together, so do a bit of planning before you buy. 

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Geraniums For The Home Or Office 

Popular to a tee, geraniums are loved for their low-maintenance, year round nature. Nobody can ignore their stunning blooms, which is why they are staples at florists around the world. Geraniums are perfect as a hanging plant because they tend to be quick to adapt in these settings. They love a bit of sunlight, making them perfect for a porch at home or a balcony at the office. The pop of colour will take either area to the next level as well. 

String of Pearls For the Home Or Office 

We couldn’t mention outdoor hanging plants without mentioning one of the most common choices in terms of succulents. Appropriately named, this graceful plant grows in pretty much all conditions. A tiny cut-off from just one has the power to spread like wildfire. Their uniform colour allows for specific pairing with white or grey pots, both of which elevate them (literally and figuratively). You can’t go wrong with introducing these to a home or office space as they require next to no maintenance to thrive. Try ExecuFlora if you need additional inspiration for even more great ideas for outdoor hanging plants.

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