If you’ve never prioritised office plants in your office, there’s no better time than the present to start. Plants can elevate the mood in any room, while also boosting job satisfaction levels thanks to the added sense of being “home” when they enter the space. Depending on how your office building is positioned, you may need to get a bit specific when it comes to deciding which plants to add into the mix. South-facing windows require specific considerations of their own, each of which we will be discussing here today. We’ll also touch on three of the best office plants for these spaces, in order to make it easier for you to make a final decision. 


General Properties of South-Facing Windows

Knowing in which direction the windows in your building are facing is essential to starting the process of buying new office plants. If you have South-facing windows, the space is likely to receive a high level of light. In turn, the office should be hotter than with windows facing in any other direction. The potential for exposure to direct sunlight means that you can’t go choosing the first plant that you see at the nursery. Those that can’t handle much sunlight will wither in the space if you do. Let’s discuss three specific options that will thrive in such a space instead. 


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The Ficus lyrata — commonly referred to as the Fiddle-Leaf Fig — is a flowering plant in the Moraceae family. Native to West Africa, the plant can grow up to 15 metres tall in its natural habitat. This won’t happen easily or quickly in an office setting. Known for its hardy, evergreen status, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig typically only gets as tall as 45cm, making it perfect for window sills. They can handle the heat too. Best grown in medium to high light, these plants crave sunlight, but will also need quite a bit too in order to account for this. 




Song of India

The Song of India, more formally known as Dracaena reflexa, is a tree that is native to some of the countries and islands surrounding South Africa. Found predominantly in Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique, it is easy to find locally, especially as it is in high demand for homes and offices around the country. Its beautiful, thick leaves attract people at first sight, and with a love for sunlight, you can rest easy knowing that it is in your space with South-facing windows and oodles of sunshine to boot.  


Spineless Yucca/Yucca Cane

Last but not least, the Yucca elephantipes (or Spineless Yucca/Yucca Cane) should be on your list of options for this window position type. Part of the asparagus family and native to Central America, this widely cultivated plant creates a striking impression over and above its awe-inspiring spiked leaves. The trunk of the plant is a sight to behold too, with the potential to add a slight air of professionalism to a space in spite of it not setting out to do so to begin with. Explore this plant if you’re hoping to leave people with a good impression when they come and go in the space.