Discover the best indoor office plants for employees with allergies & asthma.  When you’re designing an office space with lots of greenery, it’s important to cover your bases when it comes to how these will affect your employees before you make any buying decisions.  Some plants are more likely than others to aggravate allergies and asthma, but the last thing you want is to adversely affect some of the team members and their ability to be productive across a workday.  Today, we’ll discuss why plants cause allergies to begin with, touching on the plants to avoid altogether, while also pointing you in the right direction to make the search for new office plants as easy as possible. 

Why Some Plants Cause Allergies

Some plants cause allergies or exacerbate asthma simply because they release antibodies to attack the pollen particles. In the process, histamine is released, which is the leading cause of allergy symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, a sore throat and so forth. There are many natural processes involved in the life cycle of a plant, and like all dynamic organisms in the world, they do exquisite things to ensure their survival. A first check when considering indoor office plants is to steer clear from a couple that release histamine more readily than others. 

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Plants to Avoid

Problematic indoor office plants that might be best scrapped from the list of contenders include bouquet flowers, which create plenty of pollen. Daisies, African violets, Chrysanthemums and Sunflowers are major culprits here, so you may want to explore synthetic versions of these. Bonsai trees, figs and pine are also known for exacerbating allergies and asthma, as they are quick to gather and retain dust. They are also prone to mould, which may have additional adverse health effects on the members of the team.  This is something that will be good to avoid at all costs as part of a broader cleaning strategy around the office. 

Options with Lower Pollen Counts

The best indoor office plants for asthma and allergies are those with lower pollen counts. Peace Lilies, Dracaena, Philodendron, Snake Plants, English Ivy and Areca Palm are great options in this regard. These filter harmful toxins from the air too, alleviating the probability of problems with allergies among the team. There are many different options to consider within these plant types and their specific species, so you won’t have a hard time finding something that’s both practical and aesthetically appealing, complementing the office space as much as possible. 

Finding the Best Fit

At ExecuFlora, we’re committed to ticking all the boxes when it comes to the needs of our clients. The office environment can’t run a full operational efficiency without considering the benefits of having office plants while being considerate to the effects that some of these might have on your employees. If you’re looking for different types of plants between the suggestions we mentioned, we’ve got you covered with multiple options. Feel free to explore our online catalogue or chat to a member of our team to point you in the right direction before finalising the fresh and sparkling office layout.

Contact Bidvest Execuflora: The Expert in Indoor Plant Rentals | green@execuflora.co.za