Need to get some landscaping done ahead of your next office event? Excellent. Rather than grabbing the tree cutters yourself and enlisting the entire team to start pruning different indoor plants (or rushing off to the nearest nursery and grabbing the first plants you see), going with a professional is a way better option to explore. Doing so will leave you with a polished result that will be worth the investment every single time. If you’re not quite sure which companies are good to approach, we’ve got a list of the best event landscaping companies going into 2022 for you right here.


The Event Landscaping Process

If it’s the first time you’re exploring a few quotes, you may be unsure about what the event landscaping process entails. On top of helping to keep existing plants looking good, these companies are experts in constructing temporary landscapes to help liven up any conference venues, project launches and exhibitions. Most companies cover indoor and outdoor venues, and can take care of even the most barren of spaces. They focus on getting form, texture, proportion and colour right every single time.


The Friendly Plant

The Friendly Plant specialising in garden design and landscaping services, with the intention of creating a sense of paradise every single time. Focused on addressing the needs of their clients, they are happy to take as much input on board, and are renowned for the attention to detail they bring to every single project. The company proudly outlines a three step process to create the dream garden, which is typically applied to their home customers, but can also be incorporated into shorter, ad hoc projects. They’ve worked in 17 different countries, making them a worthwhile contender for your next event.



Grounded Landscaping

The Grounded Landscaping team is an award-winning one, based in Johannesburg and specialising in indigenous gardens. If you need a modern installation for your next big launch, these guys are the way to go. From 2D and 3D designs to bring the display to life, through to lighting and water features, they are bound to have you covered no matter your individual needs. Although they list their consultation prices online, it’s worth getting a formal quote from them to know what you’re working with. 


Bidvest ExecuFlora

Last but not least, Bidvest ExecuFlora is a leader in the event landscaping realm, offering short term event rentals that are bound to breathe new life into any launch, exhibit or office function. Aside from improving the quality of the air in the space (so important in a COVID-19 world), with a wide range of plants to choose from, you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for to add a beautiful and professional touch to the space you’re working with. The team will even be able to offer help on ways to improve the office space altogether, and you might end up buying additional plants to spruce up the building going into the new year and beyond.