A living green wall is so much more than just a garden feature. We like to approach these incredible additions to any office space as pieces of art, rather than just regular garden installations. A living green wall does more than just make the space look better. More importantly, it helps to contribute to the greater sustainability of the planet as well. There are a variety of other benefits that are worth keeping in mind, each of which we will be addressing today. You’ll be starting the planning process before you can even get your green thumb out of your pocket. 


Countering Lost Green Space

As industrialisation has become the name of the game, a large amount of green (natural) spaces have been lost to make way for corporate offices, residential developments and more. Aside from the fact that many of these add to polluting the air, when we lose green spaces we displace habitats and shake up the balance of the natural ecosystem. Installing a living green wall in your office not only gives you a chance to do something about it, but it also makes a lovely angle for a campaign to show that the company takes its responsibility towards sustainability seriously. 


Improving Air Quality

As green spaces have deteriorated over the decades, air pollution has become a major problem in many major cities. Plants are the best way to improve air quality through a variety of mechanisms. They can absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen through photosynthesis. They also increase humidity by transpiring vapor through leaves, as well as passively absorbing pollutants in the same area. We all need clean, fresh air in order to operate at maximum efficiency. A living green wall in the office can contribute to this, and more. 

Detoxifying The Office

Plants not only purify the air around us, but they also minimise the spread of dust, reducing the risk of allergic reactions among the team. They also have a natural detoxification process, which can help to remove toxic chemicals from the air. More specifically, they are great at absorbing benzene and formaldehyde, which can both cause a lot of health problems. Adding a living green wall to the office can help to prevent the team from getting sick, while also providing something aesthetically appealing that can be appreciated by the team and clients arriving for meetings. 


Boosting Morale Around The Office

Last but not least, a living green wall will help to boost morale around the office, especially when the pressure is on and the entire company is feeling the pinch. An office full of plants can help to make the space appear more welcoming to everyone and even inspire greater creativity. If you’re scared to start from scratch, don’t be. Our full range of green wall office projects are on show here, making it easy to get as many ideas as you need to fulfil your own vision of adding one to your space. Before you know it, you and the team will be reaping the rewards of a more productive, beautiful and healthy working space.