Bamboo Plant Care For Your Home Or Office

Bamboo Plant Care Tips

Bamboo plants are perfect for homes and offices as they don’t require a lot of care and maintenance. Apart from pruning out any old canes from time to time, they tend to look after themselves. That said, for them to flourish over a longer period in the same space, they need a little bit of […]

The Best Indoor Trees for Your Office

Best Indoor Trees

Looking to spruce up your office space as we move into spring? The best way to go about doing so is to consider adding some new greenery into the office. Although you might be tempted to scatter a couple of smaller plants around the office, you may want to have a think about introducing an […]

Indoor Plant & Indoor Tree Rentals in South Africa

Indoor Plant Rentals

Indoor Plant & Indoor Tree Rentals in South Africa is the trend of incorporating indoor plants and trees into commercial spaces such as companies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and property developments has gained substantial momentum over the years.  These green additions can transform the ambiance, creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere.  When considering this aesthetic […]

Trees For Low-Light

Trees For Low Light

Trees for low-light office spaces where there are darker rooms can be difficult to decorate, you’ll be happy to know that there are great options for indoor trees to consider to help the space reach its full potential. Darker environments typically need low-light trees, but how do you even begin to classify a room as […]

Indoor Plants Boost Employees Morale

Office desk with plant display to boost employee morale

Indoor Plants Boost Employees Morale.  Whether it is a green wall, office plants, or even a desk plant in your home office, there is no doubt that indoor plants add life and a touch of green to one’s interior while making people happy in the process. Plant properties, such as how they look, smell, and feel, […]