Wall Planters

Some benefits to consider for your business:

Increase Energy Levels

Another benefit of adding green walls to corporate offices is that they will help to energise employees. Anyone who has worked in an office has likely experienced the phenomenon of stale air. When you take a breath in and it feels like the air has been sitting for about five years, it is an awful feeling. Breathing in the oxygen-rich air from a green wall provides an instant energy boost.

Cleaner Air

Adding a green wall will naturally detoxify the air in your office. This will help to protect the health of your employees. This is especially important in big cities where the air that is coming in from outside is already highly toxic thanks to all the traffic and industrial pollution.

Visual benefits

Green walls open up a space without requiring extensive re-organising. They create inviting and alluring appearances. Employees and visitors are consistently met by a striking green and lush sight. The vertical green wall is an exciting way of installing foliage that’s growing in popularity. This is because green walls can go anywhere, including reception areas, along a skyscraper wall or in a restaurant.

Reduction in noise levels

Greenery is known to minimise noise. Plant life is frequently used by professional builders to keep outside noise out of structures, especially in buildings near schools, roads, highways and other areas with high traffic. A vertical green wall will naturally block high frequency noises as its supporting structure diminishes low frequency sounds. It will be an additional layer of insulation, absorbing, refracting and reflecting acoustic energy.

Create an onsite wastewater system

Your vertical green wall can incorporate a water recycling system using the latest eco-friendly engineering, including the collection of storm water for passing through filters, marine plants and gravel.

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