A workspace without plants is typically quite bland and dreary. A space without office plants or art is just plain uninspiring. If you’ve got the former covered thanks to our catalogue, you might want to start thinking about how to introduce some art into the building. This is especially important if your bottom line depends on an inspired workforce that has to churn out creative ideas or campaigns at the drop of a hat. Wondering whether it makes more sense to buy or rent plants? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know right here. 


Art in the Workplace

Aside from fostering creative expression, there are numerous ways that art can make a difference in the workplace. Firstly, it elevates the space and changes the tone to a more professional one. The right portrait or sculpture can really take things to another level. This will impress clients and employees alike. It elicits emotional responses, which can help to enhance connection-making between members of the team. It also encourages social interaction, especially if there is an open dialogue about which pieces to introduce into which spaces. Art will help to improve the mood in the office and as a whole is great to bring life into the space. 


Office Art Rentals: Pros and Cons

Renting office art is a great way to help you manage cashflow, as it will typically be less expensive to hire in a delicate piece of art rather than buying it outright. A rental also gives you freedom of choice in terms of the types of pieces you use in the space, offering the opportunity to switch things up as soon as the rental term comes to an end. This is a great way to see which pieces are best suited to different spaces in the office, before making a decision to buy something similar. The biggest downside to renting art is that you’re unable to invest in pieces that you or the company will own, meaning that you forfeit any value or future-value along the way. 



Buying Art for the Office

Buying or acquiring art for the office not only gives you ownership of the pieces, but also gives you the opportunity to sell them off if the business ever merges, gets liquidated or you simply need to enhance cashflow during a difficult period. Purchased art sets a more formal tone for the feel of the office, set in stone and creating a dependable, familiar work environment for your team. On the downside, you’re responsible for the pieces in case you move, plus you have to factor in maintenance costs, as well as preserving the collection over time. 


Art Rentals You Can Trust

If you’re on the hunt for art rentals for the office going into 2022, look no further than the Bidvest ExecuFlora team. We offer anything from abstract art to birds nests, sunsets and city lights across our exquisite art collection, each of which can be rented for your space for a fixed period. Inject a bit of nature in the space with a sea landscape, or opt for animal wildlife. Chat to us about our catalogue, and how we can help to make improvements to your office space. You’ll be enjoying a more sophisticated space before you can even say “auction”.