Vertical Living Green Wall Panels

For building owners and designers, an indoor living wall represents the ultimate in sustainable design and provides a superior alternative to the humble potted plant for anyone looking to green their indoor environments. The wall panels offer designers nearly infinite aesthetic possibilities and the system can support everything from flowers to ferns depending on the environment.


The panels consist of water repellent rockwool panels which feature within them ducts containing a specially developed rooting substrate. The substrate is designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive. The panels are fixed to a wall using a powder coated lightweight aluminum frame. The feeding of the plants with water and nutrients is ensured by an integrated irrigation and drainage system. By using capillary action, the panels draw water from an internal gutter system resulting in the system not requiring a pump unit.

The panels offer flexibility making them suitable for both internal and external use. Execuflora work with a recommended installer who has the knowledge and experience to provide a first class finished product.


    • Maximum profile length is 5200mm length excluding end caps. There are two types of end caps blind and water flow – these can be installed mirrored on the wall. For every 5200mm length a water flowcap will be installed.
    • Modular casettes / panels are 400mm x 400mm
    • Both the profiles and optional frame can be adjusted to preffered size provided the grid size is a minimal 400mm x 484mm excluding end caps.
    • Weight is 40kg/m2 including plants and water


  • A waterproof covering on the wall
  • Drainage for overspill (when filling the wall only) is required
  • Installing an automatic control unit for larger walls is recommended. The system needs an average water supply of 5l/m2 planted surface per week depending on local conditions
  • Grow lights are recommend for internal use to increase light levels and create more of a focal point around the living green wall.



  • Flexible system for indoor / outdoor use
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Neat, smooth and robust design
  • Low maintenance
  • Odour free
  • Recyclable

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