Installation Progress

Our Sandton team went to work on upgrading the old Sandton Ernst & Young hydroponic vertical living green wall to our new modular living green wall system and the results are incredible!


Clearly a struggling wall, in need of a make over, our team was excited to tackle this project!


A Total of 20 x new 150w metal halide grow lights where installed to provide adequate lighting for the 2000 plants used. A new steel support structure was installed to hang the modular pots onto with minimum impact to the existing environment.

The Result:

With wall dimensions of 25m in length by 2,5m in height, we packed the structure with the following plant varieties:

  • Aeschynanthus Dracaena compacta
  • Asplenium nidus
  • Hoya Camosa
  • Peperomia julii
  • Zorro Philodendron scandens

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