So you’ve got a living green wall installed and it’s the star of the show whenever a prospective client visits your office space. Although probably already showing off the “wow” factor you were after, there is a way to take the green wall to an entirely new level. If you regularly host evening functions at the office, or are just after a professional aesthetic effect for after hours, lighting a living green wall can make it an attraction at all hours of the day. If you’re just starting to explore adding a living green wall to your office space, we’ve got everything you need to know here, including what you can do to sufficiently light the space to enhance effect, while considering any effects on the plants as well. 


How Do Living Green Walls Work?

A living green wall is part of a wall that has been covered with greenery, typically growing in soil. It does have an artificial alternative, which comes with its own pros and cons, but often doesn’t match up to the benefits of having a living, breathing, space in the office. Living green walls flourish with enough light and water to photosynthesize, which simultaneously reduces carbon dioxide from the space to allow for cleaner breathing air for you, the team and any visitors to the office. Setting up a green wall is easy enough, and by choosing the right kinds of plants based on the environment and surrounding conditions, maintenance should be a breeze as well. 


The Benefits of Living Green Walls

On top of what we’ve mentioned about their ability to clean the surrounding air, living green walls are great at reducing urban temperatures, improving biodiversity and using rain water in a way that promotes the sustainability rating of the business. Some studies suggest that they can greatly improve a sense of wellbeing to people working in the surrounding area, especially as plants are known for having a calming effect on people. The right plants can also inspire creativity, and enhance the team’s pride about the overall working space. Knowing all of this, isn’t it worth exploring lighting a green wall in order to reap its rewards around the clock every day?



Lighting a Living Green Wall

Lighting a living green wall first and foremost involves considering the types of plants you’re dealing with. Non-flowering plants usually prefer blue light to encourage growth, while flowering plants may gravitate towards red light. The right aesthetic look should also be considered, and because the light is there for the benefit of the people in the surrounding area, green can also be considered, which will usually match well with any plant. High-pressure sodium lamps are commonly used in living green walls, although they aren’t always energy efficient. Try metal-halide alternatives if you’re serious about sustainability (keeping in mind that these are more expensive than other types), perhaps including a timer to be even more eco-friendly.


More Advice From Green Wall Experts

The Bidvest ExecuFlora team are experts in green walls, having paved a way for businesses across South Africa to introduce these to office spaces of various shapes and sizes over the years. We’re so proud of what we’ve created, that we actually refer to our projects as art installations. If you’ve got your own masterpiece in mind, or you have a green wall that you would like to take to another level, considering your lighting options can be a game changer. Get extra advice from our team of experts, and before you know it you (and your colleagues and clients) will be oohing and aahing about the final result.