In the fast-paced modern world, it’s a good idea to find as many ways as possible to work some zen into your life. This doesn’t only have to apply to a home setting. It can also be introduced into a workspace, which may even lead to higher productivity levels and greater job satisfaction at the end of the day too. The art of Feng shui has long been a way to make this a reality. By choosing the right types of office plants to encourage this, a sense of calm can be introduced into a workspace without too much effort. So where should you start with this? Let’s delve into the basics to get things going. 


What is the Art of Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that encompasses arranging things in a way that promotes balance and harmony. Directly translated, the term relates to the “way of the wind and water” and has spread like wildfire from China through into the West and the rest of the world. With more people living mindfully these days, it’s no surprise that it has started to be incorporated into stressful office environments too. What was initially considered to be something akin to “alternative” medicine has today reached far more mainstream appreciation, not dissimilar to the rise of minimalism too. 


The Benefits for an Office Space

When incorporating feng shui into an office setting, the benefits are plentiful. Firstly, it organises the environment in a way that allows for as much natural flow and balance as possible. The office  is able to be utilised to the best of its abilities, which includes helping to unite the mind, body and spirit of the people sharing the space too. If you’re after a calmer work environment with less negative energy, feng shui is the way to go. By making even the smallest of changes, like introducing office plants in what was otherwise a barren area, it’s possible to reap the rewards mentioned here and much more. 



Carefully Curated Plants for the Workspace

Incorporating the art of feng shui into the office can be done by carefully curating the plants you choose for the workspace. This means doing some research around the various plants that will bring a specific type of energy into the space, rather than just choosing the first one you come across at the nursery. The peace lily, for example, is a great plant to get the process started. It encourages a room with positive and upbeat energy. Philodendron, snake and rubber tree plants are also good options for bringing harmony into an otherwise stressful space. 


Finding the Right Plants and More

The key to introducing feng shui into your office lies in choosing the best types of plants with intention, while also making sure that you and the team actually enjoy looking at the plants every single day. The plants should also be practical, especially in terms of the lighting conditions in the office. The ExecuFlora team can help with finding this balance and turning your office space into a calm and peaceful sanctuary for productivity. Chat to us today about some of the best selling feng shui plants in the country, and before you know it, you and the team will be reaping the rewards they present to the space.