When it comes to taking the feel of the office to the next level, introducing new plants in strategic places is a good way to get there. The key is to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Carefully curated plants that match the conditions in your office can make a world of difference to morale, and also brings some added health benefits to your employees too. When you’re busy making changes to the space, it’s important to consider how all the existing bits will fit into the overall aesthetic. Here’s how to choose office plants to match décor in a newly remodeled or renovated working space.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Plants, More vs. Less Light

Choosing plants to match the office décor requires you to consider all the spaces in the office, and especially those that will be used by prospective clients and guests. Start by considering where the best spots will be both indoors, and outdoors. This will determine where there is more and less natural light, which is essential to having plants that not only look good, but will practically thrive as well. Once the remodel is complete, and the furniture is back in the space, it will be easier to make decisions about which plants will go best with what you’re working in each area. 


A Functional & Aesthetically Pleasing Combo

Naturally, you’ll want the office to look good at all times. Introducing plants that match the office décor goes beyond just selecting those that are aesthetically pleasing right off the bat. Many plant types require different specifications when it comes to the amount of light and water they need, so keep the practical (functional) considerations in mind too. The best way to go is to work towards finding the sweet spot between options that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, as this combination stands a better chance to flourish in the space over and above being something pleasing to look at for a few weeks. 


A small office desk plant


Consider The Colours

Practical considerations aside, matching the office décor requires you to consider the colours involved, and how specific plants (and types) will help to complement these. Your office will likely have an overall aesthetic, and although indoor plants don’t necessarily come in a great variety in terms of colour, you could match up flower colours, consider how the leaves might change from season to season, and even introduce a few fake options in a bid to keep it matching better with the office décor. 


Office Plants That Match and Flourish

If you need a bit of help with finding the right plants to match and flourish in your space, the Bidvest ExecuFlora team is here to help. It’s worth noting that there is no “one size fits all” solution that can be applied as a blanket rule, as each office space comes with it’s own unique traits to work with. Our team is here to offer advice for when it comes to choosing the right plants, as well as to source them for you. We can also help with putting together a care plan for you, to make sure that the plants continue to serve their purpose as an elevating factor to a space that might otherwise feel a little toned down. We look forward to hearing from you.