Outdoor plant stands are a great way to bring some professional polish to your office building. Because these come in various different shapes and sizes, it can be difficult knowing which one will be perfect for the space you’re working with. In order to choose the best options, we’ve compiled a guide for how to go about choosing stands that not only look great, but are optimised for functionality too. If you’re going to be investing in these, there are specific factors that you should be considering first. 


The Main Types of  Plant Stands

Plant stands are commonly split into two main groups, namely single pot stands and their multiple pot stand counterparts. As you might have guessed, the former is designed to hold only one plant, while the latter can keep multiple at the same time. Within these two types there are specific styles that you can explore. Single pot stands are often designed in pedestal or table-style ranges. Multiple pot stands and their adjacent tiers have far more types to consider, namely ladder, tiered, baker’s rack stands and more. It’s up to you to decide which is going to work best for the needs of your office. 


Functionality: How Many Plants Should It Hold?

Although it’s easy to default to a great looking plant stand, you should ideally be worrying about functionality first. There’s no use in having something that can’t actually do the job it is designed to do. Evaluate the space you’re working with before you start exploring different quotes to make sure that you’ve carved out enough room for medium to large stands. Remember that stands can differ in width, depth, height and overall size, so try and be as accurate as possible with your measurements before making a final choice on what to buy. 


Contemporary Planter


Choosing Visually Appealing Stands

Once you’ve got the practical side sorted, you can start looking at the most visually appealing options that are workable for the space you have available. Now is a great time to decide between single or multiple pot stands. Wrought iron is commonly found in office spaces around South Africa, although you could also work with wood, wicker, resin or other types. If the stand will primarily be used outside, it should be able to weather the elements. If it will be indoors, it’s important to make sure it has an appropriate finish that won’t have it peeling after a few months. Common colours to go with are red, black, white and bronze. 


Next-Level Office Plants

Geared with everything you need to know about choosing plant stands, all that’s left to do is to find the best possible office plants to store on them. The Bidvest ExecuFlora team prides itself in offering a massive variety of plants that are perfect for indoor settings. If you’re keen to get your creative juices flowing, or simply want to create a striking piece for a staff function or corporate event, chat to us about the best plants for the job. We can even assist with a living green wall, which compliments any design that includes different types of plant stands altogether.