Bamboo plants are perfect for homes and offices as they don’t require a lot of care and maintenance. Apart from pruning out any old canes from time to time, they tend to look after themselves. That said, for them to flourish over a longer period in the same space, they need a little bit of extra TLC. The first two years are crucial to how they produce new canes, so starting the process off well is a must. Here are a couple of tried-and-tested tips to care for bamboo plants so they can spruce up the space for as long as possible. 

Create the Right Growing Conditions

Warmer, indoor locations are where bamboo plants perform at their best. If the room is well-lit too, even better. Implementing one or more of these into your office or home means creating these conditions right from the very first day. Take some time to plan exactly where the plant (or plants) will live. If it’s winter, ensure that it has access to as much natural sunlight as possible. If you’re worried about overexposure, consider an alternative where it can be moved early on and test it out later if need be. 

Guarantee Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is important to most indoor plants. Bamboo should always be placed in a container where drainage is good. In spite of enjoying moist soil, too much water can stunt its growth in the long run. If the top 3cm of the soil feels completely dry, it’s time to water it. Filtered or distilled water may be a more expensive choice, but they will help a lot with keeping its roots in tip-top shape. Using clean water is the best way to avoid running into problems, in spite of bamboo being less prone to viruses and bacteria than some other common indoor plants are known for being to begin with.

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Clean the Container Regularly

The growing container you put bamboo into plays an important role in how it adapts to its surrounding conditions. It should be tended to in the same way you might prune old canes. This means cleaning it regularly, ideally every couple of months. This helps to prevent algae build-up. Dusting it is also good, to get rid of the threat of an organism migrating from one part of the office onto the plant itself. 

Grow Your Collection

Once you’re all set with the bamboo plants in your home or office, the ExecuFlora team can help you grow your collection into its full potential. Whether you’re looking for indoor plants that are similarly easy to maintain, or want to take on a bigger challenge, we’ve got you covered in terms of the best options on the market. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our online catalogue today. We’re also happy to assist if you have any questions, which you’re more than welcome to pose to us directly via the contact page. We look forward to helping make your dream green space a reality.

Contact Bidvest Execuflora: The Expert in Indoor Plant Rentals | green@execuflora.co.za