So you’re thinking about introducing a living green wall into the office. This is one of the best ways to lift up a space that might otherwise feel a little bland or dreary. These incredible walls are made up of plants that are inserted into a growing medium, which goes on to grow alongside the building in a way that makes use of all the surrounding space. Living green walls add so many benefits to any space, including purifying the air, boosting morale at the office, as well as potentially introducing a team-building activity if everyone helps out to keep it looking its best. But how do you go about making one in the first place? We’ve got a crash course for you right here. 


Choose The Right Space

Start by making sure you choose a viable space for the living green wall. You need to have enough space to work with, so choose a solid wall (or fence) that is sturdy enough for the job. A custom wooden wall could also be an option, especially as you would be able to move the green wall from room to room down the line. It’s of course important to keep considerations like sunlight and general accessibility in mind. The last thing you want is to have a living green wall that needs to be resurrected because it isn’t getting enough sunshine to be sustainable. 


Screw In Rows & Attach Planters

With the wall selected, screw in rows of treated battens roughly a ruler’s length apart from each other, keeping an eye on the spirit level to ensure that they are straight. This sounds harder than it is, but if you’ve never operated a drill, it might be best to ask for help. Working from the bottom up, attach planters to the battens, in order to create spaces for your plants to go. It’s possible to “click and lock” the planters into each other as you build up the wall, alongside the staggered rows. A little bit of creativity can come into play here, as you decide on the overall layout based on the plants you’re going to buy to fill the wall. 



A Watering Routine

Once you’ve added in the plants you’re keen to start with, remember that you’ll need to create a routine to water the plants on a regular basis (every two to three days). Always start at the top, and use a small watering can to avoid creating muddy patches around the area. A reservoir system that helps to keep plants watered for up to a week or two can be a big help, especially as you don’t have time to keep an eye on the wall at the office in the same way you might at home. Explore this system, and always ensure that it is a good match for the initial set of plants you’ve added to the wall itself. 


Lastly, Add More Plants

A living wall can only thrive if it has enough plants to grow into the surrounding area. Start small, and watch how the plants you’ve selected for the initial batch begin to grow into the structure of the wall. From there, add more plants into the mix to create the ultimate piece of art for the office. The best part of a living green wall is that it is a dynamic structure that is always in the state of change. There is no “wrong” way to grow a living wall, and the way it ends up taking shape has a lot to do with environmental factors that are somewhat beyond your control. Keep an eye on how it shapes up, rope in some of the other members of the office team to help, and before you know it, you’ll have a flourishing living green wall that everybody can enjoy.