Lemon Mobile Free Standing Green Wall

Lemon Free Standing Green Wall

This free standing vertical garden system is the perfect additional to any open plan office design. Modern offices are plagued with poor acoustics, lack of privacy, and la ack of wall space for hanging whiteboards. This solution cater's for all of these needs.

One side of the Green Screen is a fully automated vertical garden system. Plants are scientifically proven to improve the mood and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. They also have excellent acoustic properties helping to reduce noise in the workplace.

On the reverse side we supply a whiteboard paint wall. This large creative surface allows the workplace to become a more productive and creative space. Your team will love brainstorming on the large surface area we provide.


3 Bay 1.16m Width x 2.4m Height

4 Bay 1.46m Width x 2.4m Height

5 Bay 1.76m Width x 2.4m Height

6 Bay 2.06m Width x 2.4m Height

7 Bay 2.36m Width x 2.4m Height


  • Does not require a wall to be built onto
  • Integrated irrigation system
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Low maintenance
  • Multi purpose room divider ideal for collaborative spaces
  • Varying widths to suite site requirements 


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