Green Wall Ideas.  A focus wall, also commonly known as a feature wall, is a great addition to any office space. Depending on the intention you set for it, it can offer a peaceful environment designed to enhance productivity.  It is a focal point in a public office space with lots of foot traffic, or it simply adds a creative element into the workspace. Green walls make for great focus walls. They add an element of professionalism into a space that would otherwise have been fairly formal or bland.

So how do you begin to design a focus-green wall hybrid to begin with?

Living vs. Synthetic

Green walls are typically characterised by a collection of either living or synthetic plants. Some contain a mixture of both, although these are more difficult to maintain as they require keeping track of which are which. When you’re creating a green focus wall for the office, you firstly need to make a decision about which way you’re going to go. This will dictate the types of plants you use, how you go about sourcing them, as well as the level of involvement you may need from the staff team in order to keep it going.

Pick a Space Near the Action

Next, pick the perfect space for the green focus wall to be created. Ideally, it will be close to where there is a lot of foot traffic in the office, in order to get the most out of it. Open plan environments are great for this too, as a living green offers aesthetic appeal.  Green walls benefit our health for those who are breathing the surrounding air.  Take time to decide on the best spot based on the intention behind the wall. Remember that the point of a focus wall is to draw attention to a single space. Think carefully about the plants you include – those detracting from this vision should always be avoided. 

Fix Vertical Planters and Start Potting

Once the space has been picked, it’s time to start putting the structure together. Fix vertical planters into place so the potting process can begin. If you need to contract a professional to do so, it will be well worth the investment. You don’t want to have to worry about it coming apart sooner rather than later. Test different designs based on the intention you have for the green focus wall, until landing on the best fit for the space. 

Correct Irrigation and Maintenance

Last but not least, ensure that you have the irrigation correctly set up (for living green walls). This is what will help to keep it flourishing. Proper drainage is important, making sure that the specific types of plant that need different levels of water are catered to. A general maintenance plan is a must.  Especially if you want the wall to continue to thrive in the space.  Before you know it, your vision will have come true.  With an exceptional green-focus wall hybrid to show off to clients, customers and investors.  The ExecuFlora team is here for any extra help with planning, installation and long-term maintenance.

Geared with a few great green wall ideas for any commercial space, the ExecuFlora team is here to help you get your hands on these and the other best indoor plants in the business. Whether you’re after a specific scent to refresh the office, or simply want to rejuvenate an otherwise dreary and boring space, we’ve got you covered no matter what your needs are. Speak to us today if you need any tips on the best way to go considering the specs of your space. Our wide selection of options can also be tailored to create a beautiful green wall and more. We look forward to helping you find the best fit through unparalleled customer service across all of South Africa.

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