Best Indoor Plants For 2024.  If winter is starting to feel very long to you, the good news is that summer is right around the corner!  The change of weather is the perfect time for a change of scenery in the office.  Spruce up the space and give the team a boost by introducing some summer-friendly plants to it.  If you’re wondering about where to start your search, look no further than this guide on the best options to create a flourishing space. Easy to introduce and maintain, these plants are the perfect complement to an idyllic green indoor landscape. 

A Note on Watering Habits

With higher temperatures approaching, it’s important to change the watering habits (or schedule) of the plants in the office. Although colder months might have required monthly watering, when temperatures get into the thirties you may be looking at something between ten and fourteen days, depending on the plant type. Keep a closer eye when summer first starts and be mindful of any that are exposed to direct sunlight in potentially sweltering heat. If the soil is getting dry at rapid speed, you may need to move the plant or speak to an expert about the best watering cycles to adopt for the new season. 

Peace Lilies

The peace lily is one of the best stress relieving indoor plants that you can buy. What better than to introduce it into a high-paced work environment? It is great for low maintenance spaces, as it can go without water for numerous days and still continue to live. It blooms throughout the year, but the best part of summer is that it flowers to its full capacity during this time. This means you’ll have a stunning pop of colour in the office to go with the festive atmosphere created by the warmer temperatures. 



Begonias are another plant that is perfect for the sunny season. The main reason for this is that they come in an array of different colours, to truly give the employers the chance to introduce a creative “explosion” into the office. Begonias don’t need much water and enjoy a lot of sunlight, making summer the ideal time to get the most out of them. Morning sun tends to be their favourite, with some afternoon shade balancing things out throughout the course of a day.

String of Pearls

At ExecuFlora, we like to keep things simple. You can’t get more simple than string of pearls, an indoor plant that requires about as little maintenance as you can imagine. When exposed to indirect sunlight, it grows at a rapid speed and allows for the creation of the perfect hanging art (so to speak). A small trim here and there allows it to maximise its potential. Just make sure that everyone knows what they are – some have confused them with peas before, a rather strange choice for an office environment. Perhaps the confusion will allow for some cheerful laughs along the way. Chat to us if you need help finding the best plants for your space, and happy summer!

ExecuFlora is here to help you get your hands on these and the other best indoor plants in the business. Whether you’re after a specific scent to refresh the office, or simply want to rejuvenate an otherwise dreary and boring space, we’ve got you covered no matter what your needs are. Speak to us today if you need any tips on the best way to go considering the specs of your space. Our wide selection of options can also be tailored to create a beautiful green wall and more. We look forward to helping you find the best fit through unparalleled customer service across all of South Africa.

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