So you’re thinking about installing a green wall at the office. You might not be aware that there are different options for you to choose from yet. There are different benefits and disadvantages when you build a living green wall instead of going with an artificial one. But what is the exact difference between the two? Today, we’ll be outlining this, along with giving you as much information as you need to make an informed decision about the right one for your office setup. 


What is a Living Green Wall? 

A living green wall is an indoor or outdoor installation of pre-vegetated panels that are joined to a structural frame against the wall. These panels are generally made from different materials, and range from basic options to those including irrigation, geotextiles and more. A living green wall contains real plants that are actively growing, and will need some maintenance and care for it to thrive and reach its full potential. Professional and dynamic, living green walls are popular in office blocks and complexes around South Africa. 


What is an Artificial Green Wall? 

Artificial green walls, otherwise known as “fake” green walls, have exactly the same purpose and setup as their living counterparts, albeit that they are not constructed with real plants. These are more static than their living alternative, and will create a fixed installation not dissimilar to one you might see in an art gallery. Artificial green walls are less popular than living green walls, but can achieve a similar aesthetic as their counterparts. The main downside is that it doesn’t supply the same benefits in terms of air quality as a living green wall does. 



The Key Differences To Keep In Mind

Although we’ve detailed the primary difference between the two, there are some other notable variables that might help you come to a final decision about which is the right one for your office. From a price perspective, artificial walls are generally less expensive in the long run as they don’t require much maintenance, but they can be expensive to set up. In terms of upping the sustainability rating of your office, a living green wall takes the cake, not only because it is made from living, breathing plants, but because it isn’t made up of any plastic plants or flowers. Artificial green walls don’t require much maintenance, but maintaining a living green wall can be a fun team-building activity, especially if you have a few colleagues who already have green thumbs to begin with.


Starting a Green Wall Project

When you’re starting a green wall project for the first time, it helps to have the backing of an experienced company like ours. The Bidvest ExecuFlora team has a range of green walls to choose from, including LivePanel, vertical, vicinity, mobilane lemon and even a moss green wall option. One quick conversation with one of our experts will be able to point you in the right direction about which one will be most suitable for your office environment. Are you ready to get started with a creative, fun activity that’s going to transform the way the office looks and feels?