Workplace Greenery Reduces Stress

Interior Plants play a critical role in reducing stress throughout corporate America.

Recent research information by Integra Realty Resources of New York and Opinion Research Corp International of Pinetown, N.J, indicates that the American workplace is showing signs of a collective "nervous breakdown" and security uncertainties and the current economic environment are placing added stress on workers. When stress escalates employers report greater turnover and absenteeism and lower productivity.

Visual exposure to a plant setting has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes while enhancing productivity by 12 percent, according to a study by Texas A & m University and Washington State University (WSU). WSU research also confirms that once exposed to plant settings, test participants demonstrated more positive emotions, such as happiness, friendliness and assertiveness as well as fewer negative emotions, such as sadness and fear.

Researchers conclude that interior workplace plants signal stability and offer employees a touch of humanity while stimulating a more productive environment. To learn more about plants, go to, which is sponsored by the Associated Landscape Contractors of America.