Office Plants Under the Microscope

With the rise of the green movement in recent years, the role of indoor plants in buildings has garnered a lot of attention. Results of studies in the U.S and U.K make a compelling case for office plant hire in our ecologically conscious times. Below are a few of the findings:

Excessive noise levels distract and disrupt even the most patient of dispositions. Strategically placed office plants or a discreet hedge around the workplace can reduce noise levels by up to 5 decibels.

Acting as the veritable lungs and kidneys of an interior, rooms furnished with indoor plants contain on average 50 – 60 % less airborne mould and bacteria than those with none. Office plant hire can potentially reduce absenteeism significantly. Jay Naar, author of Design for a Liveable Planet, says that just 15 to 20 office plants can clean and purify an area of 1, 500 square feet. Just think what a hired office plant on every employee’s desk could achieve.

Office plant hire costs substantially less than most alternative corporate décor alternatives whilst, paradoxically, exhibiting a more prestigious and ‘expensive’ image to employees and staff alike. Pride in the image of one’s workplace naturally motivates the best efforts possible and bolsters the perceived integrity and value of an establishment.