Water Your Indoor Plants

How do we know how much water is enough or too much for our indoor plants? The overall health of our plants is determined largely by the proper amount of water they receive. If they do not get enough, they will wilt and collapse. If they get too much, the roots will rot and the plant will eventually die. Also, the indoor plants needs will change with each new season.

Indoor plants will actually tell you, by certain signals, how they are doing. So, it is important that we watch closely for those signs before it is too late.

If the leaves are turning yellow, and soil is dry, the plant is calling for water.

If the leaves are turning brown and moist, and the soil smells sour, it is too wet.

If the soil stays wet, and the plant is dying off, it probably has root rot.

When a plant has the proper moisture level, it will have firm and vibrant coloured foliage. The leaves will be gravitating toward the light source, and they will generally feel cool to the touch.

Indoor plants that lack sufficient moisture will be limp and dull in colour, and will feel warm to the touch. However, they can also look like this if their roots are rotted, because they are unable to draw up water.

Keep alert for the signals that the plant is giving you, and do a little exploring to find the cause of any problems, and you’ll be able to make the correct watering decisions.