Top Six Flowering Office Plants

Flowering plants can add all the benefits of having plants in your workplace, and serve a decorative function at the same time. Flowers will brighten up your indoor office in a natural manner for far less than the price of an interior decorator, while improving the overall health and environment in your office. Below is a list of the best options for indoor office plants, whether you are in an office in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

 1.     African Violets

African violets come in a variety of colours and they don’t take up too much space in an office making them a great option to add as an office plant. If you water them carefully and keep them in subtle light – these indoor plants will grace your office with their lovely flowers all year round.

2.     Begonia

Begonias are hardy plants that go into bloom often without requiring a great deal of effort. Begonias are likely to grow well no matter what the conditions in your office, and they will add a lovely touch of colour to the indoor environment.

3.     Bromeliads

Bromeliad flowers are known to stay in flower for long periods of time – making them a great option for a low maintenance office space.

4.      Desert Cacti

Desert Cacti in flower are stunning and easy to bring into bloom with lots of light and not too much water. These plants are a classic addition to even the most formal office – and they are remarkably easy to maintain.

5.     Kalanchoe

These plants are known as some of the easiest plants to grow and bring into flower which means they are a great indoor office plant option, for even the busiest workplace. They are succulents with gorgeous small flowers that require only careful watering and lots of light.

6.     Campanula (Bellflower)

The Italian Bellflower is often grown in baskets, so that the trailing leaves can add a hanging touch of greenery to your office.  Under fluorescent lights with plenty of water and with reasonably moist soil this plant will do well and add a bright touch to your office with its attractive purple flowers.