Top Nine Office Plants to Consider

All indoor office plants are subjected to specific environmental conditions. Whether your indoor office plants are in Johannesburg or Cape Town the conditions inside are generally the same. The temperature in the office is usually controlled by air-conditioning and people are likely to brush past them on their way to and from their desks, so the plants need to be hardy but they also can’t be plants that make too much of a mess rendering plants that shed their leaves or flowers unsuitable. This is especially true of large office plants.

Below is a list of plants that are known to thrive as indoor plants. Most are quite hardy making them well suited to their role as plants for the office.

1.      Ficus: There are many varieties of Ficus so you’ll be sure to find one of these robust plants that suits your office.

2.      Chinese Evergreen: This wonderful indoor air purifier is slow growing, which means it should never need repotting.

3.      Philodendron: This large indoor plant doesn’t require much watering and the large green leaves adds lots of colour to your office.

4.      Jade Plants: These indoor plants don’t require much water and are considered very low maintenance.

5.      Spider Plant:  This plant is indigenous to South Africa but it’s a bit messier than other plants so might be better suited to a bigger office.

6.      Peace Lily: This plant is a classically beauty which doesn’t need much light and brightens up any space with its big white flowers.

7.      ZZ Plant: This plant’s name isn’t taken from the bearded rockers, but rather comes from its Latin name Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. It is truly hardy, slow growing and doesn’t need much light.

8.      African Violet: This is a classic indoor plant because it requires very little water and light and adds a great splash of colour to any room.

9.      Lucky Bamboo: This plant only requires ambient light. The Lucky Bamboo plant lends any office a modern touch and it would be nicely suited to clean stark office environment.