Sizing Up the Large Office Plant

Although large indoor plants are characteristic of shopping malls – or any similarly large and commercial interior, they can be used in offices to wonderful effect. While they do present their own challenges, large office plants can transform the sober precincts of the office into a green sanctum.

Large office plants tend to accumulate above average amounts of dust due to the larger surface area of leaves and foliage, and require slightly more attention than smaller varieties. Dusting large office plants is important not only because of its obvious aesthetic merits, but also because dust build-up can affect the plants ability to utilise available light. Positioning your office plant near a skylight or window helps ensure its optimum health. If natural light is low, a fluorescent light or two can work well.

The large office plant should be accompanied by a suitable pot to accommodate its proportionately greater soil needs, fitted with a saucer at its base to allow water to fully penetrate the soil and seep through to the bottom over an extended period of time. Overwatering should be guarded against: if the tips of the leaves begin to turn a brownish colour you should reduce water. Conversely, if a yellowish colour is evident it’s a sign you’re not watering your large office plant enough. Pests can be an occasional problem with larger indoor plants, so remember the odd treatment now and then may in some cases be necessary.

Palms, bamboo trees and Dracaenas are some of the more popular options of large office plants which lend the lush and tropical atmosphere that smaller office plants simply can’t. Tall and graceful, large office plants make stunning additions to any reception or office.