Outstanding Indoor Office Plants

When it comes to office plants an array of choices are available to us. There are, however, a few perennial favourites, exceptional for their unique temperaments, which are sure to satisfy.

As office plants go, the cactus is tough to beat. Hardy, resilient and a bit of a rogue in the succulent family, its prickly personality thrives best when left to its own devices.  Adapted to hot and dry desert environments, the cactus generally needs watering but once a week. Veterans at roughing it, their thick, fleshy leaves hold stores of water and the plants structure of spines and ridges is expertly designed to expose the least amount of surface area to the sun.

The ubiquitous bamboo plant is another office plant favoured for its strength of character. Synonymous with flexibility, its smooth lines and sage steadiness evoke the Orient in our imaginations like no other plant. Unlike the notoriously slow growing cactus, bamboo is a prodigious grower. Proponents of Feng Shui say bamboo office plants aid growth in any room, good news indeed for any organisation or commercial setting.

The Dracaena plant (meaning ‘female dragon’) looks like it could be a close cousin of bamboo but is in fact of the cane genus. Also called ‘lucky bamboo’, its fine lance shaped leaves and slender stem have an ornamental appeal which makes them universally popular as indoor plants. A delicate shrub, keep your Dracaena office plant away from direct sunlight to see it truly shine.