If the Pot fits, Plant it!

Plants for offices are by no mean generic. They come in many shapes and sizes, as do the pots they inhabit. Pots are an important factor in selecting the tone you wish your office plants to set. A good choice in pot is a classic case of form complementing function. Traditional and understated pots create an entirely different appeal to something with a more modern, contemporary flair. Prospective buyers should consider what image they wish there décor to reflect: edgy and sophisticated, sleek and professional or glamorous and chic?

The pot should also adequately support the root and soil needs of your chosen office plant. The rule of thumb is ‘the bigger the plant, the bigger the pot’. When going for a bigger plant, make sure you have enough space to accommodate a larger pot to prevent the space looking awkward and cramped.

Even the most fetching pot won’t keep plants from withering under improper conditions. Where you plan to put your office plant makes a significant difference in how your plant flourishes (or doesn’t, in some cases.)The important questions to remember are: Is your office exposed to natural light? If so, how much light is available? Is it low to dim or fairly bright? Is it a windowless space where fluorescent lighting predominates? With our consultation, we tailor the plants for your offices to your particular stylistic vision, marrying the right look with the constraints and practicalities of your office.