Wall Décor for Office Spaces

When you spend the majority of your day in an office, what you decide to use as office wall décor can bring vitality to both you and your clients. Instead of standard-issue motivational prints or cheap posters, you may want to consider renting a piece of artwork from a local artist. 

Why should you rent artwork?

When you buy a piece of artwork, you are supporting an artist and adding a dose of authenticity to your space. However, buying artwork is a large investment that many may not be prepared to make.

Renting artwork as office wall décor is both more cost effective and allows you the freedom to change your office accents as you tire of them and replace them with new pieces. 

If you work in a creative field, clients are sure to notice your office wall décor and rotating artwork is a great way to show you appreciate change and innovation without explicitly telling them. 

Where can you find artwork to rent?

Luckily, South Africa is home to many artists willing to rent their pieces for a specified amount of time and Bidvest Execuflora has an enormous range of artwork to choose from on our website!

How do you decide on artwork?

This is a personal choice, but your line of work and office décor should also help dictate which pieces you choose. If your office has white walls and simple furniture, a colourful, modern piece might blend better than a more traditional style. 

If you work more intimately with people as a social worker, psychologist or professor, you might want to consider including human subjects in the work you choose or choosing smaller works to cluster together to promote a warm environment. 

If you are in a financial or architectural occupation, a linear style on a grand-scaled canvas might work better to convey strength and stability.