Vertical Green Wall

Bidvest Execuflora is a leader in helping companies across South Africa in the supply of vertical green wall products, showing them how to create an aesthetic and warm look, and giving their environments a broad range of private, public and design advantages. From improving air quality to boosting employee morale, your organisation will be smartly living green in an innovative way.

Perfect for corporate environments

It has long been noted that plants encourage office productivity. Studies show plants in the office promote good morale and can lead to employees performing better. In this regard, a vertical green wall is an exceptional option for adding greenery to an environment.

Visual benefits

Green walls open up a space without requiring extensive reorganising. They create inviting and alluring appearances. Employees and visitors are consistently met by a striking green and lush sight. The vertical green wall is an exciting way of installing foliage that's growing in popularity. This is because green walls can go anywhere, including reception areas, along a skyscraper wall or in a restaurant.

Improve air quality with plants

Plants are natural air filters, releasing elements that rid the air of volatile organic compounds. All plants, in one way or another, have the capacity to purify indoor air. Depending on your locale, you can choose the perfect greenery for removing up to 90% of unwanted components in the air. Green walls can also be instrumental in managing indoor climates. They lower temperatures by capturing gases and trapping particulate matter. This can lead to less demand on power.

Reduction in noise levels

Greenery is known to minimise noise. Plant life is frequently used by professional builders to keep outside noise out of structures, especially in buildings near schools, roads, highways and other areas with high traffic. A vertical green wall will naturally block high frequency noises as its supporting structure diminishes low frequency sounds. It will be an additional layer of insulation, absorbing, refracting and reflecting acoustic energy.

Create an onsite wastewater system

Your vertical green wall can incorporate a water recycling system using the latest eco-friendly engineering, including the collection of storm water for passing through filters, marine plants and gravel.

Bidvest Execuflora is in the business of supplying and maintaining vertical green wall products. We provide comprehensive counsel on mobile green walls, single units, and exterior and interior solutions that will reinvigorate your environments.