Upside Down Hanging Planters

People who live in apartments know that they need to maximize their square footage. They'll find genius ways to use their balconies and windows to grow plants from hanging planters upside down. It's not a new concept, but it's getting some revitalisation. Upside down hanging planters are terrific for offices too. They're not the traditional way in which an office will use plants which makes it a unique idea that could set you apart from other businesses. 

Why Upside Down Hanging Planters?

Lack of Square Footage

In an office, you'll have desks, cubicle walls, chairs, equipment and wires all over the floor. While you know it's important to have plants in the office for cleaner air and happier employees, there might not be anywhere to place them. When you hang planters upside down on a wall or from the ceiling, you'll be giving yourself the greenery you need in the office. 

As a Natural Noise Screen

Office plants have the added benefit, aside from cleaning the air, of creating a natural noise screen in a busy workplace. This means that the addition of plants can be much less expensive than adding in a privacy wall to the office. Instead, upside down hanging planters can be strung together to form a wall of greenery. This acts as a natural noise blocker as well as a privacy screen for the office. 

Height and Depth for Design

Hanging plants used as a noise screen is a wonderful design element to add to the workplace. It differentiates your business from others. This is great for when you have clients come into your office regularly. They'll remember that you've created an innovative design in your office which helps make you memorable and increase brand recognition. 

Types of Plants


When choosing a plant for the office, the ones that are visually appealing will look the best. A spider plant has interesting leaves with shoots that look great in a hanging planter. 

Philodendron “Delicious Monster”

The heart shaped leaves on this plant are incredibly beautiful. If you're looking for a plant that has a dark glossy green colour, the philodendron is the perfect match. 


The plant you choose for the office doesn't have to be an ivy or trailing plant. Aglaonema look great in an upside down hanging planter too. 

Upside down hanging planters allow you to add greenery to the office when you don't have enough floor space. They make great privacy and noise screens meaning your employees will love them.