To Green Wall, or Not to Green Wall

When deciding on how to green your office space, the choices are quite abundant these days, thankfully. There are amazing pot ranges with an equally impressive plant list that one could spend days making unique combinations out of, not to mention the dozens of planter options being thrown in the mix too. When space is a premium though, a green wall is often the clear winner.

Bidvest Execuflora has extensive experience in the supply and long-term maintenance of green wall products. We have a comprehensive range of green wall products, from small single wall units, mobile green walls and both interior & exterior green wall solutions. 

Mobile green walls? Yes, that’s correct, we can supply living room dividers for noise reduction which can move around as your staff contingent grows. It’s no longer only a static space which can be made green and these self-watering units can be single or double sided, depending on your needs. Making form and function work together while reducing your carbon footprint, improving the indoor air quality and thereby keeping both body and mind of your staff in tip top condition.

That being said, if you’re after infinite aesthetic possibilities and a system that can support everything from flowers to ferns, depending on the environment, then our green panels are it. The panels offer flexibility making them suitable for both internal and external use. Bidvest Execuflora work with a recommended installer who has the knowledge and experience to provide a first class finished product.