The Value of Indoor Plants

How do we value indoor plants? We really should count the ways. Various studies done over the past decade have documented indisputable evidence that indoor plants should be valued much more than they have been in the past. This has opened many doors for their constructive, instead of solely aesthetic use, which is probably one of the main reasons indoor plants can now score points for your Green Star Rating through Green Building Council South Africa.

So what is the value count of indoor plants? It’s not even close to an exhaustive list, but here are our top five reasons to have indoor plants in your space:

  1. Plants remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from indoor environments, making for a healthier work and living space.
  2. Plants produce oxygen which we need while using carbon dioxide which makes us sleepy, ensuring we stay more productive.
  3. Plants improve air quality by reducing dust, bacteria and mould and maintain optimum humidity levels.
  4. Plants, strategically placed, can reduce noise pollution in open plan offices avoiding the need to box people into stuffy cubicles.
  5. Introducing nature and even the colour of nature into the workplace has a calming effect and relieves stress subconsciously. Studies have shown this to reduce absenteeism, illness and sick building syndrome dramatically.

The various reasons listed above are actually very much intertwined. Like the reduction of sick building syndrome being often times related to plants both removing VOC’s from the air we breathe (point 1) and improving air quality (point 3). Yet, each of these reasons (and the many not even mentioned) can be expanded on into essays of their own, making it an incredibly detailed subject. Our best suggestion to date? Just put indoor plants into your space and experience all the benefits, first hand.