Saving with Silks

Having been asked countless times whether opting for silk flowers, as opposed to fresh ones, is the right thing to do, the only right answer for this is: It depends on what your needs are. More and more it is becoming evident that while people understand what it means to have fresh flowers in their offices, they are just not clued up on the alternatives, stunning silks, and how it could benefit them.

The biggest misconception seems to centre on clients and colleagues being able to spot fake arrangements from a mile away because they tend to look tacky. Truthfully, with the advancements being made in this field, it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference without surreptitiously sidling up to them and actually touching them. You know you’ve done it! It’s a quality thing and if you only buy from the best, this wouldn’t need to be a consideration.

The advantages of silk flowers range from their innate longevity and constant availability (no matter the chosen variety) to how easy they are to maintain (no watering, wilting or feeding) and monthly cost savings of up to 75%. If you think you may get bored with the same arrangements all the time, never fear, with our value for money service we’ll even rotate your floral displays, monthly.

Bidvest Execuflora source only the highest quality arrangements, globally, through our supply partner and as a result are constantly up to date with global trends. We offer a revolution in decorative floral art for the working environment with dozens of styles, colour combinations and sizes to suit any needs.