Rent Plants

Improving the overall atmosphere of a corporate or retail space can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to rent plants to place throughout the space. Discover three of the many benefits of setting up plants in a corporate or retail space.

Adds Interest to the Décor of an Office

Plants can add interest to the décor of practically any place of business. Plants come in all types, shapes and sizes allowing the owner or manager of a business the opportunity to rent plants that complement other items in the décor. Most corporate and retail areas contain items of furniture including desks, counters, tables, chairs and more. A collection of healthy plants dispersed throughout the space adds colour and vitality to the atmosphere. Plants grow and change which continually refreshes the appearance of any corporate space.

Contributes to the Productivity of Employees

Plants release oxygen into the air. Consequently, when a collection of plants is added to a corporate or retail space there is an elevated level of oxygen circulating throughout the area. This supplies employees a level of oxygen that helps them to think more creatively and remain alert throughout the day.  In addition, plants have a pleasant, inviting appearance that can help to soothe employees if they begin to feel stressed.

Contributes to the Indoor Air Quality of an Office

In addition to releasing oxygen, many plants absorb pollutants that can circulate in indoor air. The leaves of some plants have a design that takes in these pollutants and stores them safely away. This boosts the quality of the air for employees and customer alike. 

Other Benefits of Having Plants in a Corporate Space

  • Large plants can hide unsightly corners in an office.
  • Plants can enhance colours in the furniture or wall designs.
  • Plants can highlight appealing features in the décor such as a waterfall or a unique piece of artwork.

Owners of corporate or retail spaces who want to rent plants are invited to contact Execuflora. Our professional plantscapers help companies choose the best plants for their space. We also provide a regular service in the form of watering, trimming and cleaning to keep all of the plants looking their best! Execuflora is proud to be socially responsible as well as a leading provider of indoor plants to corporations and retailers throughout South Africa.