Morale Boosting Art

If your staff seem a little lack lustre or the work they’re producing is a tad dull, with it being only a third of the way into the year, you may want to have a walk through your office space to re-evaluate whether it’s their surroundings putting a dampener on things. Corporations often spend copious amounts on decorating their foyers, boardrooms and quite possibly even corner offices because they see these areas as the ones their clients will frequent, and so must be fitted accordingly. It’s sadly not often followed through to the rest of the building thought, to where their most important assets spend most of their lives. Their employees. 

Whether you’re in a creative industry like design and advertising or even in one of the most deadpan industries like an auditing firm, your staff can benefit greatly from some strategically selected and placed artworks that will inspire them and boost morale. While staring at blank, white or just plain drab walls all day can be subconsciously numbing, the subliminal effect of glancing at a carefully selected piece of art over the top of a computer screen during a stressful moment can be incredibly calming and should not be underestimated.

More importantly is that when staff come to work, they should feel inspired and motivated to do and be their best. This can easily be aided by creating such an environment using art to set that tone from the minute they step in the office. They’ll reward you in the work they produce, with a smile to boot.