Local Art is Lekker

Did you know that the San Bushmen cave paintings are Africa’s richest collection of rock art? We’ve come a long way from those Bushman cave paintings dating back 4000 years to the canvasses we have today born from minds of the exceptional talent pool that makes up our local art market. South Africa has developed such a unique flavour when it comes to art that it’s no wonder that emerging local artists are booming and blooming. 

Looking back, cave paintings depicted the hunt and life while the colonial style art in the 1800’s and the 20th century and apartheid paintings were more landscape orientated. Many of the apartheid era artists had to improvise in terms of materials, having little at their disposal, like using ballpoint pens to draw since paint was just not affordable. Today, emerging black artists seem to have gone back to their rural roots, depicting the realities of life and offering a more cultural feel to their pieces, especially in the fine art department. South Africa’s incredible diversity of talent is only just blossoming and has much to offer the corporate world at large.

Bidvest Execuflora is a very proud supporter of emerging local artists and has an impressive collection of fine art pieces to rent. They encourage their clients to support the local market, where possible, as not only are the pieces a statement of local heritage and longevity in any workspace, supporting them allows for that heritage to flourish and for artists to continue their trade, especially in the economic climate currently being endured.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also becoming more important with every passing year. Supporting local artists kills two birds with one stone, in fact, three actually. Adding a notch to the CSR belt, making an impressive and lasting impression in your workspace as well as ensuring our local artists can continue to offer the diversity and rich heritage we’ve no doubt become accustomed to.