Hanging – It’s an Art

There is a very big difference between hanging art in a home, where the OCD gods don’t judge (mostly anyway), to hanging art in the workplace, where you’re catering for an incredibly wide audience. This audience is made up of perfectionists, art buffs, engineers, formalists, idealists … and the list just goes on. If you don’t fit one of these descriptions or something similar, you should probably leave the art hanging, at work, to the experts.

The first port of call to consider should be whether your masterpiece should be hung on its own or if it would fit more comfortably next to other pieces. Perhaps you’ve invested in a few pieces which are all very different, yet complimentary, so would look best if placed in close proximity to each other. Sometimes a series of images are selected, in which case you’ll almost certainly be hanging them together. 

Now to decide where to place it. Will it be in a boardroom or waiting room where people are mostly seated, or in a high traffic area like a reception or wall going up a staircase where people are generally standing and walking? The key thing to remember is to hang your art at eye level, so lower down for seated areas and higher up for high traffic sites. Eye level is a very subjective phrase so bear in mind that you need to take what the average person would see as eye level if you’re either very short or very tall. 

Hanging big and sometimes even singular pieces in high traffic areas is preferable to doing a grid or salon style. Logically, if people will be moving through the area quickly, they need to be able to take in the sights at a pace. A group of pictures, unless carefully chosen, would be lost on most who pass by.