Green Walls

Green walls are a wonderful addition to any office. In the last several decades, a huge amount of green space has been lost in cities. This has been accompanied by an increasing level of air pollution. The result is that there has been a rise in respiratory issues like asthma as well as an uptick in allergies. One of the best solutions to this problem is to add green walls to buildings. Here is a look at the benefits that adding a green wall to an office space offers companies.

Beautify the Space

The average office has décor that is a little bland. It doesn’t matter how many motivational posters go up in the office, they will never compare to the beauty that a green wall can add to a dull workspace. The lovely sight of all that greenery is a great way to increase the attractiveness of any office.

In fact, many interior designers are starting to recognise that adding green walls to spaces is one of the easiest ways to dazzle the eye as soon as someone walks into a room. This is especially true in offices. When people walk into an office expecting to see a lot of white walls like they normally would, it completely blows their minds when they see a wall that is completely covered with green plants.

Increase Energy Levels

Another benefit of adding green walls to corporate offices is that they will help to energise employees. Anyone who has worked in an office has likely experienced the phenomenon of stale air. When you take a breath in and it feels like the air has been sitting for about five years, it is an awful feeling. Breathing in the oxygen-rich air from a green wall provides an instant energy boost.

Cleaner Air

Adding a green wall will naturally detoxify the air in your office. This will help to protect the health of your employees. This is especially important in big cities where the air that is coming in from outside is already highly toxic thanks to all the traffic and industrial pollution.

If you want to add a green wall to your office space, turn to the experts. At Bidvest Execuflora we pride ourselves on being experts in the construction and maintenance of green walls. We can install them both indoors and outdoors and our years of experience gives us the expertise we need to figure out the perfect way to implement a green wall into any office space. We’ll ensure you enjoy the benefits of these living walls.